Fount Tips

Wit Fount you can save text highlights from various sources, be it a Tweet you don’t want to lose or an article quote that resonates with you. It works on both, desktop and mobile.

These text highlights are called Insights. Insights are saved in Playlists, topic-specific collections that you curate to store your knowledge and share it with others. You can customise your Playlist with a description and header image.

But Fount is not only a place for you to save your own knowledge. It is furthermore a world of likeminded humans that curate hundreds of different playlists. Topics range from geopolitics, human psychology and self optimisation to business advice and ancient philosophy.

More specifically, an Insight is an atomic thought of up to 1,250 characters length (approx. 250 words). It can be saved via the chrome web clipper, our mobile app or added manually to Fount.

When available, an Insight will always have URL as a source attached. It’s therefore often both, a highlight you want to remember and a bookmark of a source worth being saved.

You can add your own thoughts to any Insight by writing a note. Swipe left on mobile when in a playlist to see and write notes. Alternatively, click on the Insight menu when on Desktop.

We have a special button to save Tweets from Desktop when you are using our web clipper. Give it a try!

Start sharing your curations by setting them to “public”. Other users can now find them in the Discovery Section. Or share playlists privately via link with anyone.

Did you know that you can scan actual books with your iPhone camera? If you have the newest iOS update, just manually add an Insight, tap into the content field and select “Scan Text”.

Install the mobile app (for Android and iOS) to save insights on the go. Head to the settings section on the bottom left (desktop only) to find the download links for our beta apps.

Remember to check out our User Guide for more tips and tricks. You will find it in the settings section as well.